Kingsway English Centre offers great value for money

Value for Money at Kingsway

We don’t try to be the cheapest English school in the UK but we do think we offer the best value for money! Investing in an English course is an important decision for your future. If you have one shot at learning English, make it a good one! We can guarantee that.

What’s Included in Our Prices?

All of this is included in your course fees :

  • Qualified, experienced teachers
  • Very small classes – often just 3 or 4 students
  • All your course materials for your lessons in class
  • Pre-course Skype call to welcome you to Kingsway
  • Self-study facilities available 08h00-18h00 (17h30 on Friday)
  • Pronunciation class every Monday after school
  • Lots of computers for the number of students
  • Monday buffet lunch for all students and staff
  • Fast internet (wi-fi) free throughout the building
  • Hot and cold drinks, all day long
  • Use of library and our book buying service
  • Biscuits at afternoon coffee break
  • Lots of support staff to help you have a great time
  • Kingsway folder, paper and pen
  • Student Services Manager to look after you outside classes
  • Social activities leader on all organised social events
  • Social programme only at ‘cost price’ so everyone can join in
  • Low-cost airport shuttle to Worcester on Sundays
  • Kingsway’s own taxi drivers so you get a personal welcome
  • Low-cost shuttle to BHX, LTN and LHR on Saturdays
  • End-of-course tutorial and future recommendations

Four things all about YOU!

1. You will love being here …

Worcester is a lovely city with nice friendly people. A great benefit of choosing Kingsway is simply that it is a nice place to be! If you are happy you are relaxed and if you are relaxed you learn faster.

2. You are right in the centre …

The school is in a nice building right in the centre of the city, which means that you don’t have to travel far from your homestay every day, and if you want to go shopping you can do so at lunch time if you want.

3. You will feel at home …

The building itself is warm and comfortable and with 800 sq metres for around 35 students, it means there is plenty of space to relax. We maintain everything to a very high standard – there is nothing broken or worn out. And there are no plastic chairs!

4. You will be looked after …

We have enough staff to look after you properly. We have lots of support staff, a full-time Student Services Manager, an activity leader to lead the excursions, an IT person to help you with your computer. And Rick and Sue are in school most of the time to chat too!

Book Your Kingsway Course..

Come and experience Kingsway English Centre for yourself. If you would like to learn English with other friendly adults you will find the Kingsway experience perfect!

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