Kingsway drivers ready to welcome you to Worcester

It’s now even easier to get to Kingsway by taxi, train, or low-cost airport shuttle

Taxi Transfers

We can pick you up from any airport in the UK using one of our own Kingsway drivers and cars. The tables below show the prices which are very competitive.

The great thing about our drivers is that they know Kingsway, they know Worcester and they know most of the host families. This means they can answer all of your questions during the journey from the airport to your homestay. In fact some of our drivers are host families too!

Have your own driver meet you on arrival

Kingsway Airport Shuttle from Birmingham and London Heathrow Airports to Worcester …

Just GBP£10 from Birmingham and GBP£20 from London

From 1st January 2018 … Available to arriving and departing students is our Birmingham & London Heathrow airport shuttle service. For operational reasons this service must be pre-booked with your course application (min. 2 weeks prior), and operates at fixed times :

  • From LONDON HEATHROW Airport (Central Bus Station) to BIRMINGHAM Airport to WORCESTER @ 15h00 every Sunday : The shuttle bus leaves LHR at 15h00 every Sunday, calling at BHX at 17h00, and arriving at Worcester by 18h00, in time for you to settle into your accommodation.
  • From WORCESTER to BIRMINGHAM Airport to LONDON HEATHROW Airport (Central Bus Station) @ 08h00 every Saturday : The shuttle bus leaves Worcester at 08h00 every Saturday calling at BHX at 09h00 and arriving at LHR at 11h00, in plenty of time for flights departing after 11h00 (BHX) or 13h00 (LHR).

How to Book … Just say yes to airport transfers on the application form and then choose “Shuttle Transfer” in the drop-down box. If the shuttle times are not convenient you can always book a regular Kingsway taxi.

Birmingham BHX

  • 40 minutes journey time

East Midlands EMA

  • 1 hour journey time

Heathrow LHR

  • 2 hours journey time

Manchester MAN

  • 2 hours journey time

Bristol BRS

  • 1.75 hours journey time

Luton LTN

  • 2 hours journey time

Gatwick LGW

  • 2.75 hours journey time

Stansted STN

  • 3 hours journey time
Arriving by train at Foregate Street Station, Worcester

Arriving by Train

Buying tickets in Advance

You can buy your ticket online in advance on the rail website or at the station when you travel. Visit

Buying tickets on Arrival

When buying your ticket it is important to get the pronunciation of Worcester correct! It sounds like “Wooster” – not “Wor-chester”! You can get a one-way ticket (a single) or a return by asking: “A single to Worcester please” or “A return to Worcester please”. It is generally cheaper to buy a return if you can.

Worcester Stations

There are 2 stations in Worcester – Worcester Foregate Street and Worcester Shrub Hill. It doesn’t matter which one you arrive at as long as you tell us! Some trains stop at both but not all of them. Kingsway is very close to Foregate Street station and generally this is the one where your homestay will meet you.

On Arrival in Worcester

Your homestay or one of our drivers will meet you at the station but obviously you need to tell us which train you will be on and which station you will get out at! If you miss your train please phone us.

When you arrive come out of the station and wait near the exit. Whoever is meeting you will be close to the exit – they will not come on to the platform to find you!

Birmingham Airport to Worcester

From the airport there is a free shuttle train which will take you to Birmingham International station in about 60 seconds.

Then you need to buy/collect your ticket to Worcester and catch a train to Birmingham New Street.

New Street is a big station so check the monitors (or ask for help) to find the correct platform for the Worcester train.

The quickest and most direct train to Worcester takes about 40 minutes and goes via Bromsgrove and Droitwich.

London Heathrow to Worcester

There are 2 ways of doing this and they each take about 3 hours. Choose the option which is most convenient for your arrival time:

1) You can take the RailAir coach to Reading (pronounced Redding) station and then catch a train to Worcester: click this link for coach times – RailAir Timetables

2) You can take the Heathrow Express to London Paddington and then the train to Worcester.

Arriving by train at Foregate Street Station, Worcester

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If you are thinking of taking an English course it is a good idea to plan as far ahead as you can. This means you will have a good ‘lead in’ time to prepare for your trip to England. If you have any questions just fill in the form.

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