I had a good response to my blog about portmanteau words so I thought I’d give you some more examples.

Just as a reminder – a portmanteau word is a new word combined from 2 words or part-words eg “mansplaining” is a modern word combined of “man” + “explaining” meaning a man who explains something in a condescending way to a woman. If you can imagine a man telling a mother about the pain of childbirth, you’ll get the idea :-).

A similar word to “mansplaining” is “manspreading”. This refers to men who sit on public transport with their legs spread wide so they effectively take up more than one seat.

There are a number of adjectives that describe English mixed with another language, usually because the speaker lacks the word in the foreign language eg

  • Chinglish: a mixture of Chinese and English
  • Spanglish: a mixture of Spanish and English
  • Germlish: a mixture of German and English

Modern communication systems are full of new words. Here are just a few:

  • Docudrama: documentary + drama = a dramatized film based on real events
  • Webinar: (world wide) web + seminar = a web-based seminar
  • Netiquette: internet + etiquette = the polite way to behave online
  • Emoticon: emotion + icon = a pictorial way of representing an emotion

And finally I like the word “hangry”. This describes someone who is bad-tempered due to being hungry.

I feel a bit hangry myself – must be time for dinner!

Best wishes