Kingsway’s Academic Philosophy

Notes about our philosophy, methodology and advanced level student policy

You don’t need to read this page unless you are interested in the huge amount of thought and dedication that goes into designing your English course at Kingsway. It’s a lot of text but important if you want to know about how we design courses and operate continuous enrolment.

Kingsway’s Academic Philosophy

Kingsway’s Academic Philosophy

We believe that, for the majority of people, speaking and listening are the most important language skills – the ones most in need of practice and certainly the skills which are best improved by a course in England. For this reason all our courses give priority to speaking and listening, although lessons do also include reading, writing and grammar.

We know that confidence is the key to success in speaking a foreign language so we build students’ confidence through emphasising effective communication rather than accurate communication. Once the fear of making mistakes goes then students can make real progress in their speaking skills.

Some students come to us on a quest for perfect grammar thinking that this is the answer to speaking perfect English. In fact speaking English well involves choosing the most natural combination of words and pronouncing them well. This is where our teachers focus their efforts although grammar is not ignored.

All our teachers encourage the use of English-English dictionaries during lessons and for homework as this is an excellent way of building vocabulary. We also help students develop their study skills so that they can continue their learning after their course has finished.

Lose Your Fear of Speaking!

Our Methodology: Our teaching is based on an approach called CLT (Communicative Language Teaching). The emphasis is on learning to communicate through interaction in the target language.

Most people that come to Kingsway need English for real life communication and as a result want to improve their speaking and listening most of all.

Grammar is important, but probably not as important as vocabulary and pronunciation, especially for successful and effective communication. We make sure these areas are central to all our courses at Kingsway.

This approach helps individuals lose their fear of speaking by realising that they can communicate successfully without perfect grammar!

Free Pronunciation Classes

Unlike most schools, Kingsway has a thorough and systematic approach to pronunciation. We run a class for new students every Monday from 17h00 – 17h45 when we introduce them to the International Phonemic Alphabet. This is a useful tool for pronunciation work and all our teachers use it during lessons.

the International Phonemic Alphabet
Notes for Advanced Level Students

Notes for Advanced Level Students joining Group Courses

If your level of English is advanced please note the following points before you book a group course :

  • By advanced level English we mean CEFR C1+ or TOEIC 900+ or CPE.
  • We place students according to speaking and listening levels. Other skills may be stronger or weaker from one student to another.
  • Because we have ” continuous enrolment” we have new students starting every week so the groups change regularly.
  • During busy periods you are more likely to meet students of your level. During quieter periods there may be a slightly wider range of levels within groups.
  • One week you may be the strongest in your group. The next week you may not.
  • Kingsway teachers are skilled at making sure that everyone benefits in the group even if there are fine variations in level.
  • We are always happy to assess your English level by Skype or telephone FREE of charge, so you know what we recommend.
  • We will ALWAYS give you honest advice, even if that means saying ‘no’ to you coming to Kingsway.
  • If we think it more appropriate we will recommend a combination or full-time one-to-one course.

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