One-to-One English Courses for Adults

One-to-One English Courses

A One-to-One English Course means you will have all of your lessons on your own (individual classes). If you have very specific needs, or are very short of time, this is the best course to choose as you can agree your lesson content in advance with your teacher. You can choose courses during the week or at the weekend on our Power Pack programme.

One-to-One Courses
(1115 / 1122 / 1130)

For those who have very little time available, or whose English level is not sufficient to join a group, the One-to-One courses are a perfect choice.

If you choose the 15-hour course you finish lessons at 12h15 (lunch time) and are free for the afternoon to relax, study or go shopping!

If you choose the 22.5-hour course in the afternoon you will have lessons until 15h00. This provides a good compromise between learning time and relaxation time and is our most popular choice.

If you choose the 30 hour course in the afternoon you will have 3 hours of lessons until 16h45. If you are serious about making really good progress in your English we recommend going for this option.

Weekend Power Pack (POW)

If you have no time to spare during the working week then the POW is ideal for you.

You should arrive in the UK on the Friday afternoon – Birmingham is our nearest airport. You should plan to return home on the Monday morning. A Kingsway driver can meet you on arrival and take you back to the airport after your course.

On the Saturday morning your teacher will carry out a needs analysis and plan the weekend’s programme with you. You will have 6 hours’ lessons on Saturday and 6 hours on Sunday.

We recommend Homestay Executive accommodation with the POW course to provide relaxing evenings having dinner with your hosts in between your working days.

Key Information

  • Class Levels
    Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate
  • Class Size
    Max 1 student / Typically 1 student
  • Student Ages
    Min 25 years / Typically 30-65 years / Average 44 years
  • Course Length
    Min 1 week or weekend / No maximum
  • Course Hours – 1115 / 1122 / 1130
    15, 22.5 or 30 hours of lessons
  • Course Hours – POW
    12 hours, in or out of the classroom (you can take your teacher with you!)
  • Starting Dates
    Every Monday throughout the year except for 2 weeks at Christmas
One-to-One English Courses for Adults

One-to-One English Courses – Summary and Prices

All courses are subject to a Registration Charge of GBP£65 per visit.
All course hours are a full 60 minutes.

One-to-One Timetable

This shows the format of the One-to-One course options.

  • If you are taking the 1115 you take L1 + L2 as shown below
  • If you are taking the 1122 you take L1 + L2 + L3 as shown below
  • If you are taking the 1130 you take L1 + L2 + L3 + L4 as shown below

Lesson times : L1 (9.00-10.30) / L2 (10.45-12.15) / L3 (13.30-15.00) / L4 (15.15-16.45)

Weekend Power Pack Timetable

This is the normal programme schedule. It is also possible to depart home on Sunday evening if you wish. If so please try to arrive / depart at Birmingham BHX to minimise course disruption.

Lesson times : L1 (9.00-10.30) / L2 (10.45-12.15) / L3 (13.30-15.00) / L4 (15.15-16.45)

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