Here’s a question we received recently about how long should an English course be.

I need to improve my English not only to study but also to help me at work and to be able to make a presentation to client and have confidence to talk on the meeting. Could you please let me know if a 3 month English course at Kingsway will be enough to get that?

You would be able to make a lot of progress with your English in 3 months but, as I’m sure you know, learning a language takes time. If you took our GG22 x 12 weeks you would get 270 hours of tuition plus you would be immersed in English. It takes about 200 hours to move up 0.5 level in IELTS so if you are currently a level 5.0, you should be at about a level 6.0 if you do lots of exam practice whilst you are here. But separate to your IELTS score, you would become much more confident in using the language and you would really broaden your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation, listening skills and grammar.

If you wanted a teacher to help you prepare for a presentation or meeting then you could add in some 1:1 lessons. These could be booked once you were here and had a better idea of the progress you were making.