Kingsway Family English Courses

Family English courses at Kingsway English Centre Worcester UK

If you are looking for family English courses for you and your teenage children, we have the perfect solution

For 4 weeks in the summer, usually from the second week of July to the second week of August, we run an exclusive ’boutique’ English Summer School or Summer Camp for young people aged between 13 and 17 years.

If you are interested in studying at the same time as your teenage children, in the same city as your children, but in a different school from your children, then Kingsway English Centre adult school and Kingsway’s English Summer School could be your perfect solution.

We have strict rules – no teenagers are to be seen at Kingsway’s adult school, and no adults are to be seen at the Summer School! So you can both be assured of being independent but only 5 minutes away.

For accommodation, you can be in the same homestay as your children, or in separate families. We have had both requests in the past!

Please contact us with your needs and we will see what we can do.

English summer school at RGS Worcester - great for family English courses

The Summer School is based 5 minutes’ walk from Kingsway

The Summer School is based at the Royal Grammar School – a prestigious 700-year-old independent school known locally as RGS. It is a 10-minute walk from RGS into the city centre, and just 5 minutes from our adult-only school.

Kingsway’s Summer School uses one of the RGS blocks for lessons and the main hall for breaks and lunchtimes and whenever we want to get everyone together for an activity. On warm sunny days we use the grassy outdoor areas as well as the hard courts for ball games.

Lunch is included every weekday (Mon-Fri) where a choice of hot or cold meals is available for all students and staff to eat together, so you can be assured that your sons and daughters will be properly looked after!

Great fun activities at the Kingsway Summer School in Worcester UK

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If you are thinking of taking an English course it is a good idea to plan as far ahead as you can. This means you will have a good ‘lead in’ time to prepare for your trip to England. If you have any questions just fill in the form.

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