Add some extra English lessons

This is a real opportunity to relax and have some “me” time – and talk about anything you would like to with your own personal teacher. If you are taking a course which finishes at 12.15pm or 3pm, why not end the day by pampering yourself and indulge in a lesson which is all about you?

You don’t need to stay in the classroom!

It’s up to you. You can take your teacher out with you to look round the city, relax in a cafe or go shopping, but all the time, practising your English on a one-to-one with your teacher.

How do I book my lessons?

Just add them to your course when you fill in the application form. We will add them to your course invoice.

Can I book them when I arrive?

It is best to book them in advance as they may not be available after you arrive. We need to make sure a teacher is available for your lessons and if we are busy it may not be possible.

How much do they cost?

Each lesson lasts for 1.5 hours and costs GBP£116 (added to your invoice)

Key Information

If your course finishes at 12.15pm or 3.00pm you can add extra private one-to-one lessons to the end of some of your days. Just for you!

  • Class Size
    Max 1 student / Typically 1 student
  • Course Length
    Min 1 session / No maximum
  • Course Hours
    1.5 hours per session (3.15-4.45pm)
  • Course Location
    In or out of the classroom (you can take your teacher with you!)
  • Starting Dates
    Any day of the week, Monday to Friday

Typical timetable showing course with extra English lessons added

This shows your timetable if you took the General Group course 22.5 hours/week (GG22) and three extra English lessons.

Lesson times : L1 (9.00-10.30) / L2 (10.45-12.15) / L3 (13.30-15.00) / L4 (15.15-16.45)

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