Finished your English course? Don’t let your English die! Take our Course Booster ‘Coaching’ sessions and really see the benefit of your English …

Hi, I am Richard Ostick and I am the Director of Studies at Kingsway

“Hi, I am Richard, the Director of Studies here at Kingsway. I look after your whole learning experience.

Quite often our professional adult students spend a lot of time and money improving their English and the day they leave Kingsway they forget to keep up the momentum.”

Through taking some online coaching sessions by Skype we can help you maintain your knowledge and your confidence in using English.

Your sessions can be general chat or I can help you with specific language problems – for example working on a report or presentation.

Course Booster Sessions

  • You can book and pay for your sessions directly with me (just click the contact button) or you can book them when you fill in the application form for your course
  • You can arrange to have your sessions at a time to suit you, including evenings and weekends, so you will be relaxed and you can enjoy our meetings
  • Ask me any questions you like! If you have particular language problems to solve at work let me know and I will do my best to help

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