Do you feel a little nervous about taking an English course? Try our Confidence Builder ‘Chat’ lessons and feel really relaxed …

Hi, I am Rick Johns and I am one of the directors of Kingsway

“Hi, I am Rick Johns and I am one of the directors of Kingsway. I am usually here at the front door when you arrive for the first time.

It’s quite normal to feel nervous about coming to the UK to take an English course – everyone feels the same – but we can help you build your confidence before you come.”

Through taking some online lessons by Skype we can help you regain your knowledge, and your confidence.

By the time you come to England you will have met some of the Kingsway teachers and you will feel relaxed and happy at taking on your course.

Confidence Builder Lessons

  • You can book and pay for your lessons directly with me (just click the contact button) or you can book them when you fill in the application form for your course
  • You can arrange to have your lessons at a time to suit you, including evenings and weekends, so you will be relaxed and you can enjoy our meetings
  • Ask me any questions you like! If you feel worried about any particular aspect of your trip I will do my best to answer

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Come and experience Kingsway English Centre for yourself. If you would like to learn English with other friendly adults you will find the Kingsway experience perfect!

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