Combination English Courses for Adults

Combination English Courses Focus on You!

A Combination English Course means you will have part of your lessons in a group and the other part of your lessons on your own (individual classes). This means you can focus on the language you need, for example preparing your CV or preparing for an interview or a presentation.

General Combination
(GC22 / GC22+ / GC30)

A general combination course for adults. Classes follow a “Communication Framework” to ensure a mix of skills, however priority is given to speaking, listening & pronunciation.

If you choose the GC22 course you will have two group lessons and one one-to-one lesson, finishing at 15h00. Note: your 1:1 lesson may be in the morning.

If you choose the GC22+ course in the afternoon you will have group lessons until 15h00 which are ‘needs based’. From 15h15 until 16h45 you will have a one-to-one lesson.

If you choose the GC30 course in the afternoon you will have 3 hours of individual lessons from 13h30 until 16h45. If you have specific objectives and not much time we recommend this option

Business Combination

This is a full time 30 hour course with 15 hours individual lessons and 15 hours Business English group.

The Business Combination course is ideal for professionals who already have a good level of general English and feel comfortable in social situations but need to use English to a much higher level in business situations.

In your One-to-One lessons your teacher will carry out a needs analysis and agree a programme with you to achieve your objectives. This is your opportunity to tackle the language for your specific role in your company.

In your Business Group lessons there will be a maximum of 4 people in the class and your teacher will develop the lesson programme to suit the needs of the group as a whole.

Key Information

  • Class Levels – General
    Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate
  • Class Levels – Business
    Pre-Intermediate is the minimum requirement
  • Class Size – General
    Maximum 6 students / Typically 3-4 students
  • Class Size – Business
    Maximum 4 students / Typically 2-3 students
  • Student Ages
    Min 25 years / Typically 30-65 years / Average 44 years
  • Course Length
    Min 1 week / Maximum 12 weeks
    (Maximum 4 weeks on BC30)
  • Course Hours
    22.5 or 30 hours classroom + 4 hours min guided self-study per week
  • Starting Dates
    Every Monday throughout the year except for 2 weeks at Christmas
Combination English Courses for Adults

Combination English Courses – Summary and Prices

Class sizes : General groups typically 3-4 (max 6) and Business groups typically 2-3 (max 4) students.
Student ages : Minimum age 25 years. Typical age range 30 – 65 years.
Registration Charge : GBP£65 per visit.
Course hours are a full 60 minutes.

General Combination Timetable

This shows the format of the General Combination course.

  • If you are taking the GC22 you take L1 + L2 + L3. Note: your One-to-One lesson may be in the morning
  • If you are taking the GC22+ you take L1 + L2 + L3 (group) + L4 (one-to-one)
  • If you are taking the GC30 you take L1 + L2 + L3 + L4 as shown below

Lesson times : L1 (9.00-10.30) / L2 (10.45-12.15) / L3 (13.30-15.00) / L4 (15.15-16.45)

Business Combination Timetable

This shows the format of the Business Combination BC30 course. Please note that we may change the order of the lessons if it means you will be better matched to other course participants. It is our aim to give you the best experience!

Lesson times : L1 (9.00-10.30) / L2 (10.45-12.15) / L3 (13.30-15.00) / L4 (15.15-16.45)

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