A good question. When we speak to our students at Kingsway about why they chose us they usually say because you only accept adults looking for an intensive course and I won’t be in a class of teenagers who could be my children or even grand children!

So the first piece of advice is to look only for schools with some kind of accreditation. Two trusted forms of accreditation are the British Council and IALC, the International Association of Language Centres. You can find these websites (to search for suitable schools) here :

If you limit your search to these organisations you can be sure of finding a ‘good’ school in all senses of the word.

Secondly, check the minimum age of the students accepted at the school. This may sound obvious, but a lot of English language schools say they run English courses for Adults maybe in the age range 30+, 40+ or 50+ but if the minimum age for the whole school is say 16 years then you can bet your bottom dollar you are going to be spending your breaks and / or social trips with people who could be your children or grand children!

So make sure the minimum age is what you feel comfortable with.

At Kingsway we are accredited by both the British Council and IALC, and we have a minimum age of 25 years. Our typical age range is 30-65 years, so if you are a mature adult looking for a quality programme away from teenagers do check us out!

Please feel free to contact me, Rick Johns, if you need any help or information. I will be happy to help.