Kingsway Airport Shuttle: Birmingham, Luton & London Heathrow Airports

It’s now even easier to get to Kingsway with our low cost airport shuttle. Just add to your booking! Birmingham £10, Luton £15, London Heathrow £20 each way.

Available to arriving and departing students is our Birmingham, Luton & London Heathrow airport shuttle service. For operational reasons this service must be pre-booked with your course application (at least 2 weeks prior to travel), and operates at fixed times

To book just say yes to airport transfers on the application form and then choose “Shuttle Transfer” in the drop-down box. If the shuttle times are not convenient you can always book a regular Kingsway taxi.

Arrival to Worcester

From LONDON HEATHROW Airport (Central Bus Station) to LUTON Airport to BIRMINGHAM Airport to WORCESTER @ 15h00 every Sunday.

The shuttle bus leaves LHR at 15h00 every Sunday, calling at LTN at 16h00, BHX at 17h30, and arriving at Worcester by 18h30, in time for you to settle into your accommodation.

Departure from Worcester

From WORCESTER to BIRMINGHAM Airport to LUTON Airport to LONDON HEATHROW Airport (Central Bus Station) @ 08h00 every Saturday.

The shuttle bus leaves Worcester at 08h00 every Saturday calling at BHX at 09h00, LTN at 10h30, LHR at 11h30, for flights departing after 11h00 (BHX), 12h30 (LTN) or 13h30 (LHR).

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