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Established in 1988 by Sue and Rick Johns, Kingsway English Centre is a small boutique family-run English language school offering the very best quality service to mature adults who want the best.

Rick & Sue Johns welcome you to Kingsway English Centre

Where it all began

We started Kingsway from our home near Worcester with one student (from Sudan) having lessons in our dining room. She lived with a host family in our village. We have moved on since those days …

Kingsway English Centre Worcester UK

Where we are now

We are now located in our own elegant building of 800 sqm right in the centre of Worcester city. There is plenty of space to spread out and relax so you will feel comfortable and ready to learn!

Kingsway English Centre Worcester UK

Quality that comes from the top

When we started Kingsway we personally covered all the jobs in the school, including the teaching, airport transfers, leading the social trips and even doing the cleaning every evening.

Although we now have a lovely team of people to help, we know how we want every job done and so the quality comes right from the top.

We consider ourselves a “boutique” English school because we are small and independently owned – we are not part of a big chain. We have around 10-15 students in the winter and 25-35 in the summer, so you will always get very personal service whenever you come.

What is so special about Kingsway?

  • The average age of our students is about 44 years; the typical age range is 30 – 65 years, which means that you will be surrounded by adults only
  • We usually have around 10 different nationalities in school and everyone is highly motivated, which means that you will always speak English and make excellent progress
  • Quality at Kingsway is exceptional! Attention to detail can be seen in every aspect of our service which means that the school runs efficiently and you will be very well looked after
  • We have 30 years’ experience (old enough to know, young enough to still love what we do) which means that your teachers will be experienced and your lessons will be challenging but fun!
Kingsway English Centre patio

We’re proud of our facilities …

We are really proud of having nice quality facilities for you to enjoy, whether it is the entrance hall, the lounge, the self-access room or even the toilets!

  • Spacious Premises 800 sqm
  • 11 Training Classrooms
  • Self-Access Centre
  • Internet Café
  • Free Internet & Wifi
  • Kitchen with Free Drinks
  • Comfortable Student Lounge
  • Sunny Garden & Patio Area

Even the toilets are immaculate

Even the toilets at Kingsway are immaculate

Now come and meet the team …

Below you will find pictures and information on the core Kingsway staff. Although we all have job titles Kingsway is one big family and we all do a bit of everything, like making the coffee, loading the dishwasher and vacuuming the floor to keep the school immaculate!

The Kingsway team welcome you to Kingsway English Centre, Worcester
Rick Johns - Director

Rick Johns – Director

Rick is responsible for administration, finance, premises and transport. He is a perfectionist and is obsessive about quality control (even at home!).

Sue Johns - Director

Sue Johns – Director

Sue is responsible for personnel & welfare. She works closely with Kingsway’s corporate clients and language travel agents to ensure a perfect service.

Kathy Austin - Student Services Manager

Kathy Austin – Student Services

Kathy is responsible for student services not related to lessons, such as accommodation, arranging social events, and your general welfare.

Richard Ostick - Director of Studies

Richard Ostick – Director of Studies

Richard is our Academic Manager & Director of Studies and is responsible for making sure that you receive top quality teaching during your course.

Bob South - Social Activities

“Big Bob” South – Social Activities

Bob is responsible for leading the social activities and trips at Kingsway. If there are any places you would like to visit please let him know.

Emma Bennett - Sales Administrator

Emma Bennett – Sales Administrator

Emma provides important back-office support for Kingsway’s marketing activities as well as helping students with any queries.

Ian Finney - Teacher

Karen van Berlo – Social Activities

Karen has worked for many years with international students. She helps to run the Kingsway social programme in conjunction with Big Bob.

Bob Whitelaw - Teacher

Helen Crane – Project Manager

Helen looks after special areas of Kingsway. Her most recent success was setting up and managing the new English Plus Football 2019 programme.

Ian Finney - Teacher

Ian Finney – Teacher

Ian graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Music but chose to enter the world of English language teaching. He has over 20 years’ teaching experience.

Bob Whitelaw - Teacher

Bob Whitelaw – Teacher

Bob was born in London but has spent more time working in Australia than in the UK! He worked in the mining industry before becoming a teacher.

Heidi Ostick - Teacher

Susie Ashworth – Teacher

Susie is a languages graduate with an MA in Professional Writing. She is a novelist and poet and regularly has short stories published.

Annette Small - Teacher

Sally Kendrick – Teacher

Sally is a Worcester local who qualified as an English teacher in 2004. She worked in Russia, Germany and Mexico and more recently in Spain and Portugal.

Karleen Sheppard - Teacher

Karleen Sheppard – Teacher

Karleen trained in speech & language therapy before qualifying as an EFL teacher in 1995. She lived in New Zealand before joining Kingsway.

Caroline Hughes - Teacher

Caroline Hughes – Teacher

Caroline qualified as an English teacher in 2011 and taught in Mexico, Spain and Australia before joining the Kingsway team in 2016.

Karleen Sheppard - Teacher

Catherine Copley – Teacher

Catherine joined the Kingsway team after moving to Worcester from London. She grew up in Oxfordshire then studied fine art at the University of Kent.

Caroline Hughes - Teacher

Jayne George – Teacher

Jayne first worked at Kingsway in 1995 before leaving to pursue a career in leadership development. She loved us so much, she’s back again in 2019!

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