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Covid-19 Update - Autumn 2020: We are open for our Covid-Secure Course only in order to maintain strict social distancing. We are not offering any group courses until further notice due to the Covid situation which is changing daily.

Over 30 years' expert experience in helping you to speak English with confidence

Achieve your goals - for work or for pleasure. Enjoy travelling the world communicating easily in English

  • Typical ages 30-65 means you will join adults your age
  • Often 3-4 students in class means it's all about you
  • Focus on speaking means you can communicate!
  • No teenagers in school means you can enjoy a calm and mature environment

Missed English at school?

If you missed out on English when you were at school we can help you catch up!
Nice safe lessons with people your age.
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“The atmosphere of your school was warm and friendly, and teachers were very kind. Thank you again for giving me those wonderful days”
MN, Japan, March 2020

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Group Courses

Small classes of adults with typically just 3-4 in a group


Mix group classes with individual one-to-one lessons


The best way to focus on you and your exact needs

Meet more native English speakers away from the tourist hotspots…

Kingsway English Centre

We are located in the city of Worcester in the centre of England, just 2 hours by direct train from London. Away from large numbers of tourists, it is great for your English!

A warm, luxurious school so you are always comfortable

You will be in luxurious, spacious premises maintained to a high standard. With over 800 square metres for around 15 – 25 students you will always be able to find a quiet corner for yourself.

Come and see inside Kingsway English Centre

Our Host Families Are The Best

We have a great selection of homestays waiting to welcome you. Unlike the crowded destinations of England, we don’t have to fight to get nice families! Which means it is much easier to get a family that matches your needs. And everyone’s happy!

Kingsway English Centre has excellent homestay families
Kingsway English Centre has excellent homestay families

Get to Know Everyone Quickly

Every Monday we invite everyone to join us for an informal buffet lunch so that new students, existing students and staff can get to know each other in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The Monday buffet is included FREE in all Kingsway courses.

Buffet lunch every Monday free with every Kingsway English course
Buffet lunch every Monday free with every Kingsway English course
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Come and experience Kingsway English Centre for yourself. If you would like to learn English with other friendly adults you will find the Kingsway experience perfect!

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