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“I went to a school in [the south of England] and was in class with teenagers! I am 45 years old so I was not happy with this. Also I was in class with students who were studying for 10 months but I was only there for 2 weeks. This was not a good system! Kingsway does not have teenagers & everyone here is on a short course so I am very happy!”

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Sue Johns, Director, Kingsway English Centre

Sue Johns, Director of Kingsway English Centre

Read what our students say about Kingsway …

“Thank you for your warm welcome and for my host mum! The mix of excursions and learning process really improves the overall English language skills.”

NM, Latvia, April 2017

It had been a very good experience for me, because of the ambience but most of all because of the quality of your school and the way of teaching. I betted on you and now I know that it had been a good investment.

The principal is not the price, but what you get with that price. But this isn’t the usual way people think. You can be sure I’ll continue to say all the best about you.

Say “hello” to everybody from me.
I hope I’ll see you again and I wish the best for you

PF, Italy, January 2017

“I like the way of teaching. It was never boring and was a lot of fun”

SR, Germany, September 2016

“Everybody was so friendly and kind. Even though my stay was very short, I loved the days here and I would like to thank you for everything. I will never forget the warm atmosphere here”

YM, Japan, September 2016

“I loved absolutely everything at Kingsway. It is probably one of the most beautiful and efficient schools I have ever seen or been to”

VF, Italy, August 2016

“Small class size, nice, patient, experienced professional teachers, many thanks to all of them! The age level of the students is fine. You get a very warm welcome, you feel like to be at home! Very friendly and experienced, patient staff. Keep it like this! To study at Kingsway is very efficient. You can make progress in a short time.”

Germany, April 2016

Everything was perfect. I really enjoyed the experience. But if I have to choose [one of them] I answer ‘people’, and for people I mean every single human being I met at Kingsway: owners, teachers, all the staff, students.

Italy, December 2015

“Dear Sue, thank you very much for your feedback. In my opinion your End-of-Course report is very usefull. I’m absolutely satisfied about my Kingsway course and I’m going to come back at Kingsway next year. Thank again to you, Rick and all the others members of your staff. Best Regards”

Italy, August 2015

“When I was with you in Worcester last autumn, to learn the English language, it was one of my best experiences that I’ve ever done. I’ve not merely improved my English, but rather I’ve learned to understood at the beginning a bit the British mentality and more and more the English way of life. Especially, I enjoyed also the hearty welcome and very pleasant stay at my host family”

Switzerland, April 2014

“Meeting people in my same situation has made me lose my fear of speaking. The teachers I have had are great. Each has a different way of explaining but I think it’s perfect”

BB, Spain, April 2017

“The professionality is especially good. There is a beautiful, friendly atmosphere with teachers, students and all people that work in Kingsway”

FH, Italy, April 2017

“The Kingsway team is fantastic, they are very attentive and treat you well from the first day. Without a doubt, I recommend it to any professional who wants to improve their English and have a great time. A very good experience”

MP, Spain, April 2017

Thank you for your hospitality during our recent fam trip and the wonderful opportunity to meet you and some of your staff and walk through your immaculate school and the beautiful city of Worcester! Visiting Kingsway has been such a great experience for me both personally and professionally and I have been fully convinced of the high quality learning opportunities found at your school. Congratulations on your excellent job!

Kingsway Partner Agent, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sept 2016

“Teachers are real professionals, the school is very modern, equipment is great and there is a good cultural programme”

MC, Russia, August 2016

“Congratulations for your video (click here to see) – perfect message about not only the upsides of your professional and friendly school and but also for Worcester. Small (school) is better.

I really like your school, your teachers, your professionnalism, your hospitality and the atmosphere to work with fun and friendly but seriously.

I like Worcester and its native people.

It was a fabulous opportunity to take time and advantage of my situation to brush up my english.”

LB, France, September 2016

“In my opinion, the school is incredible. Is a different method to learn and to improve English. I think the key is the hospitality and the good atmosphere that you can feel there. It makes you feel confident in a few time. Also, the small groups of people is another key. First week in the morning I was alone with the teacher. The other 2 weeks I was with more people but never more than 4.”

Spain, March 2016

“Dear Sue, Thanks for sending me the report. I will continue to improve my English and, of course, I will follow your advice. I would like to add my thanks to yours for this exemplary school, you have an effective Teaching Methods and excellent facilities, I felt very welcomed and comfortable. Kind regards”

Spain, September 2015

“The best things were the methodology, especially with the sound, to be few students in the class, the quality of the teachers and the kindness and availability of the staff. [The school] is more friendly and you become more confident with your English.”

France, August 2014

We could go on, but you get the picture …

We would love you to experience Kingsway too, so do get in touch if you are thinking of taking an English course, and we will be happy to send you a quote. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Kingsway Team

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