The best English courses for Adults
Typically 3-4 students in a class

"A beautiful, luxurious school with wonderful staff". Unlock your English speaking and listening on our safe & friendly adult English courses (aged typically 30-65 years) in nice comfortable surroundings.

Student Comments"In my opinion, the school is incredible"
I think the key is the hospitality and the good atmosphere that you can feel there. It makes you feel confident in a few time. Also, the small groups of people is another key. First week in the morning I was alone with the teacher. The other weeks I was with more people but never more than 4.

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Rick & Sue welcome you to Kingsway English Centre - English Courses for AdultsSue, Rick & the Kingsway team are at your service ...

We know everyone at Kingsway by their first name which means that you will get very personal and individual treatment. 25 years' serviceOur 25 years' experience means your course is delivered with knowledge, confidence and passion!
Sue & Rick Johns (Kingsway Directors)

Come and join the Kingsway family ...

  • You can talk to us! We're not a big corporation.
  • Instant flexibility to your needs because we're here.
  • You get great service. It's our business & we care.


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General Courses For Adults

General Courses For Adults

We offer a range of General English courses for adults who want to improve their general communication skills. We give priority to speaking and listening skills and use a wide range of topics to create interesting and stimulating lessons.

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Business Courses For Adults

Business Courses For Adults

We offer a range of Business English courses that focus on the most common business situations. Our courses are for mature adults who need to improve their communication for professional, business or social purposes - often a combination of all three!

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