We will unlock your English so you can ...
  • Feel comfortable speaking in business situations
  • Apply for that English job to improve your career
  • Enjoy using English on your holidays abroad
  • Interact in social 'small talk' situations more easily

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Rick & Sue welcome you to Kingsway English Centre - English Courses for AdultsOur customers tell us we are the best quality English school - ever!

We are a small, independent, family-owned school offering 5-star English courses for adults. We started Kingsway in 1988 and we have earned a reputation for excellence. 25 years' serviceCome and experience first-class customer service yourself. We look forward to meeting you soon.
Rick & Sue Johns

Student Comments"One of my best experiences that I've ever done ..."
When I was with you in Worcester it was one of my best experiences that I've ever done. I've not merely improved my English, but I've learned to understood the British mentality and more and more the English way of life. I enjoyed also the hearty welcome and very pleasant stay at my host family.

General Courses For Adults

General Courses For Adults

We offer a range of General English courses for adults who want to improve their general communication skills. We give priority to speaking and listening skills and use a wide range of topics to create interesting and stimulating lessons.

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Business Courses For Adults

Business Courses For Adults

We offer a range of Business English courses that focus on the most common business situations. Our courses are for mature adults who need to improve their communication for professional, business or social purposes - often a combination of all three!

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